Company Update and Path to a Public Listing

April 05, 2021

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To begin, we would like to thank you all for investing alongside the Management Team into the Billy Goat Brands Ltd. project. Eight months ago, we had a vision to build a company focused on making strategic investments in the functional food and plant-based protein space; areas which are receiving a lot of attention in the marketplace for both the health benefits to consumers and also for the environmental health benefits to the planet.

One acquisition and two additional strategic investments

After several months of analysis looking at potential transactions in the targeted market, we have signed three separate acquisition/investment agreements (the ‘Investees’), each of which we are incredibly excited about. Each Investee has received a financial investment and expertise commitment from Billy Goat. Attached is the presentation outlining these investments; please take a moment to have a readthrough.

Shortly after the Board agreed on the name Billy Goat Brands Ltd., we applied to reserve the ticker symbol ‘GOAT’, which was still available, much to our delight. We secured our right to use the ‘GOAT’ ticker for the Billy Goat Brands Ltd. listing, and we will be trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE). Our first day of trading is targeted to be in May of this year. While May is our target, it is subject to timing of exchange approvals which can be impacted by new listing volume. That said, we are on target with the required audits and documentation and are confident that GOAT will commence trading before summer.

Final Private Placement en route to our Listing

Billy Goat is currently enjoying a strong cash position (from the private placement equity sales which you’ve participated in); Billy Goat’s liquidity position currently meets its investment obligations for the next year. We are offering a final private placement to the market prior to our public listing to further shore up our working capital position. This subscription is for special warrant units priced at $0.50; each unit consists of 1 share and one half-warrant with an exercise price of $1.00. Billy Goat is seeing strong demand for participation in this financing; total proceeds from this final private placement unit sale are expected to be $3,000,000.

Participation in the $0.50 Special Warrant Placement (Oversubscribed – Closed)

If you or someone you know are interested in participating in the final private placement prior to listing, please email us at to reserve an allocation.

Tony Harris

Chief Executive Officer
Billy Goat Brands Ltd.

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