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Sophie’s Kitchen is bringing plant based seafood alternatives to the masses.

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Sophie’s Kitchen Story so far…

Sophie’s Kitchen was founded by Eugene Wang, who is a vegetarian and expert in the food technology space. When Eugene’s daughter, Sophie, developed a seafood allergy, he saw an opportunity to develop a plant based seafood alternative, which became the company known as Sophie’s Kitchen today. Sophie’s Kitchen products are non-GMO, gluten-free, soy free and kosher. The company caters to people with food allergies and sensitivities as well as to those with restricted diets wanting something tasty.

Dr. Miles Woodruff, CEO, joined Sophie’s Kitchen as a fellow vegan and conservationist. Dr. Woodruff worked with Jane Goodall in the Congo where he was able to help with the protection of primates. As a conservationist, he has an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for animal welfare and has significant growth plans for the Sophie’s Kitchen brand, including but not limited to the annual doubling of sales volumes. Dr. Woodruff is committed to seeing plant based seafood alternatives come to the forefront of the mainstream food market. To achieve this goal, his belief is to sell vegan seafood products that simply taste amazing.

Sophie’s Kitchen is an innovative, plant based, seafood brand that is growing its product portfolio quickly. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sophie’s Kitchen offers a large selection of vegan seafood products. The company’s products are a clean, guilt-free alternative to seafood that are free of lab-grown and GMO ingredients, preservatives, colors, fillers and added sugars. Sophie’s Kitchen expects to continue paving the way as a leading vegan seafood company by the way of its mission statement: “To create plant-based foods that are craved by vegans and meat-lovers alike, saving lives and protecting the planet one meal at a time”.

What is Plant Based Seafood?

According to a report by The Good Food Institute, global demand for seafood is projected to be 30% higher than 2010 levels by 2030. As global populations continue to grow, the increased demand for seafood is expected to follow, which will continue to deplete the food stocks in the world’s oceans. This perceived inevitability provides an opportunity for plant based seafood alternatives, which can be produced more quickly and in a more responsive and responsible manner than conventional seafood. There are several efficiencies associated with supplying plant based seafood alternatives, including but not limited to locating production facilities closer to demand centers and only producing what consumers want, thus reducing the large amount of waste that is typically associated with conventional seafood production.

Global Demand For Seafood

According to Nielsen, the traditional seafood market is worth US$15B, with fish accounting for ~50% and shellfish for ~33%. Therefore, capturing only 1% of the traditional seafood market presents a large opportunity for the plant based seafood industry. However, seafood is more difficult to replicate than other plant based meats, such as beef and poultry. So far, plant based shrimp, tuna, scallops and crab are available to consumers in the market, including the product offering by Sophie’s Kitchen. Given that the company’s plant based seafood products have started to emerge as a tasty and readily available option to consumers, it is working to expand its product portfolio to include other types of plant based seafoods.


Food technology will continue to pave the way for Sophie’s Kitchen be the leader in the increasingly growing plant based seafood market. To achieve this goal, Sophie’s Kitchen has entered several strategic partnerships to support its aggressive growth.

To date, Sophie’s Kitchen has been able to carve out a strong position within a niche market, while also being socially responsible and protecting the world’s oceans. According to the Plant Based Foods Association, the #1 driver of all food purchases is taste and Sophie’s Kitchen strives to make the best tasting, plant based, seafood alternatives for customers to enjoy, regardless of most dietary restrictions.

Sophie’s Kitchen is thriving in the plant based seafood market with products that have zero mercury content, no fishy smell, no concern of micro-plastics and offer a way for customers to counteract the overfishing that is currently affecting the health of the world’s oceans.

Sophie’s Kitchen Products

Plant based Toona with Sea Salt


A protein-packed, plant based fish alternative, Toona provides endless possibilities for creating the perfect meal, whether it be a sandwich, salad or a sushi roll.

Plant Based Toona with Black Pepper


Our black pepper Toona is the foundation for a fast, easy and tasty meal. Suitable as a post workout food, for outdoor activity or as part of any meal preparation kit.


The plant based shrimp alternative, which is crisp and golden and perfect for tacos.


These plant based fish fillets are perfect for family dinners and also can be served in burgers.

Vegan Smoked Salmon


This vegan, plant based salmon alternative is perfect for your classic bagel and lox and is a great alternative for food on the weekends.

Vegan Crab Cakes


These plant based crab cakes are not only meaty, but are a crowd pleaser too.

The company’s plant based seafood products are available at grocery chains including but not limited to Walmart, Sprouts Farmers Market, Wegmans and Stop Shop, with select distribution partners being Unifi, Sysco, Kehe and Amazon.

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The Future

How will Billy Goat Brands support Sophie’s Kitchens growth?

Billy Goat Brands is to acquire up to a ~46% equity interest in Sophie’s Kitchen upon funding and conversion of an existing credit facility, as well as the exercise of subscription rights granted to Billy Goat. Billy Goat will support Sophie’s Kitchen’s growth by providing capital markets advisory services, including assisting Sophie’s Kitchen with the review of the structure and process for achieving a public listing on a North American stock exchange. Billy Goat Brands is committed to further supporting Sophie’s Kitchen as a pioneer in the plant based seafood market and as one of the world’s best vegan seafood brands.

Dr Miles

Key Stakeholder Q&A with Dr. Miles Woodruff

President & CEO of Sophie’s Kitchen

Q: When did you join Sophie’s Kitchen?

A: I joined the company in May 2019, after having finished a Ph.D. on conservation work following my time with Jane Goodall in the Congo and completing an MBA in sustainable enterprise. I had met Eugene, who had brought in me to take the company through to the next growth phase, so he could take a step back to work full time on another plant based company that he founded.

Q: How has the company progressed since you’ve joined?

A: The company’s plant based and vegan seafood product line has not only expanded, but we have seen our revenue increase by about 4x between 2018 and 2019. Over the past year, we have been able to secure a few exciting partnerships that will allow us to scale up over the next several years. We’ve been focusing our efforts on health and speciality retail outlets and we have plans to expand to conventional grocery and food service outlets in the future.

Q: What are some opportunities for growth and market penetration that you’ve identified for Sophie’s Kitchen?

A: As the alternative food market continues to grow, this enables Sophie’s Kitchen to diversify the market by introducing plant based seafood alternatives. We are looking at expanding internationally to promote as the best vegan seafood brand on the market.

Q: What do you see as the driving force behind the demand of plant based seafood alternatives?

A: Plant based seafood is offsetting the increased demand for conventional seafood products. As a result, the production of plant based seafood is alleviating some pressures on the health of our oceans due to overfishing and pollution from micro-plastics. Plant based fish and seafood alternatives not only provide a solution to vegan diets, but also have positive environmental impacts. As a conservationist myself, and having worked with Jane Goodall in the Congo, it is vital to educate people in a way that makes them want to change their behaviours in a positive direction.

Q: What is the long-term growth plan for Sophie’s Kitchen?

A: I expect Sophie’s Kitchen to continue growing as the best vegan seafood brand, by expanding its distribution channels via strategic partnerships. It has been rapidly broadening its availability in the US through grocery retailers (including Walmart, Whole Foods, and Sprouts Farmers Market) and its direct-to-consumer channel. Sophie’s Kitchen expects to also continue growing internationally as it targets markets outside of North America in its long-term strategy.

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Is Plant-Based Seafood Healthy?

A plant based diet has been shown to be more sustainable not only for health reasons, but also for the planet. As plant based diets are on the rise, and the trend of veganism continues to grow, there are now far more options for people to consume a nutritious diet. Millions of people have seafood allergies, therefore plant based seafood are a healthy and tasty alternative for people to enjoy.

Plant based seafood provides healthier alternatives from your traditional seafood diet, which offers zero mercury content and no concern of micro plastics. Microplastics have been a growing issue globally as the consumption of seafood is causing industrial waste affecting the health of the world’s oceans and food supply. Plant based foods are also easier to produce and require less water and generate a smaller environmental footprint than traditional proteins.

What Is A Vegan Substitute For Shrimp?

Traditionally shrimp is fat-free but high in cholesterol and sodium. Plant based shrimp alternatives, however, can be healthier for a variety of reasons. Sophie’s Kitchen offers a vegan shrimp alternative that is a delicious, breaded, plant based solution. All of Sophie’s Kitchen products are always gluten-free, soy-free and GMO-free. The company’s vegan shrimp is made with simplicity in mind and is ready for the whole family to enjoy. This vegan substitute is a great addition to tacos, salads or even a po’ boy sandwich.

What is the market potential for plant-based seafood?

The global plant based seafood market is projected to be worth $1.3 billion USD by 2031. With growing concerns over the conventional seafood industry’s environmental impacts, and with the fish stocks depleting at rapid rates, there is a clear need for change in the way that people are consuming fish and seafood. Further, with diet trends shifting and veganism becoming more popular, the rise of plant based protein alternatives, specifically plant based fish and seafood products, have recently been gaining meaningful momentum.


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