Announcement of New Members to the Executive Leadership Team, Board of Directors and Investment Committee

June 17, 2021

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Billy Goat Brands is pleased to announce the following additions to its executive leadership team, Board of Directors and Investment Committee. The company undertook a comprehensive search process to ensure the right mix of skillsets to support the future direction of Billy Goat Brands, and the following individuals have been selected based on merit to complete both the executive leadership team, Board of Directors and Investment Committee:

Executive Leadership

Jan Urata will join Tony Harris, CEO and ChairmanKris Dahl, COO and Director, and Kerry Biggs, CFO, and Director.

Board of Directors

Lyndsay Hamelin and Natasha Raey will join Tony Harris, CEO and ChairmanKris Dahl, COO and Director, and Kerry Biggs, CFO, and Director

Investment Committee

Todd Buchanan, and Asghar Khan, will join Kris Dahl, COO and Director.

The current members of the Board of Directors and Investment Committee have a combined total of over 50 years of leadership experience in various sectors ranging from corporate and securities law, corporate development, and consumer discretionary goods. Effective governance means bringing new and diverse ideas, perspectives and leadership experience to a company in order to maintain responsible stewardship of the environment and generate maximum value for our shareholders. As Billy Goat Brands continues to round out its executive leadership team, its Board of Directors and Investment Committee will continue to work diligently towards achieving the company’s stock exchange listing.

Below are the biographies of Billy Goat Brands’ newest members of its executive leadership team, Board of Directors and Investment Committee:

Executive Leadership

Jan Urata

Jan Urata is the Founder and President of Take It Public Services Inc. Ms. Urata founded Take it Public Services Inc. in 2011 as a regulatory and corporate compliance support service for corporate issuers in a wide range of industries including but not limited to bio-tech, mining, venture capital, and oil and gas. Ms. Urata brings over 20 years of industry experience and is well versed in taking corporate entities from the initial seed capital stage to being publicly listed.

Board of Directors

Lyndsay Hamelin, Director

Lyndsay Hamelin brings over 15 years of experience in corporate and securities law. During her career, she has been focused on securities and corporate finance, and assists with managing and orchestrating public company requirements on the CSE, TSXV and TSX stock exchanges, as well as listings on the OTC Markets. After starting her career in Vancouver, Lindsay advanced to a senior position at a top-tier law firm in London, England where she assisted in completing a corporate reorganization. She later returned to Canada where her international expertise currently helps clients navigate complex corporate compliance matters, financings and IPO preparations for the Canadian markets.

Ms. Hamelin is currently a board member of Plant&Co. Brands Ltd., a company focused on curating plant-based foods; serves as the Corporate Secretary for Supernova Metals Corp., an exploration company focused on acquiring and advancing natural resources opportunities within North America; and sits on the board of various private corporations.

Natasha Raey, Director

Natasha Raey is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, with over 15 years of operational and project management experience. Ms. Raey’s primary industries of focus include healthcare, cannabis, consumer discretionary and women’s empowerment. Natasha is the founder of Bloomelix and the CEO of Skye Cannabis. She has experience developing and executing research projects, action plans and evaluation frameworks for a number of community development and health-focused projects. For the Cadence Health Centre, Ms. Raey oversaw the development and execution of the multi-disciplinary centre and compounding pharmacy. 

Natasha is an avid philanthropist with a focus on healthcare and women’s empowerment. Shes is the Founder of SheTalks Global – a platform for women to share their stories of empowerment and a movement that has been recognized by CNN International. Currently, Ms. Raey is a member of the board for Ketamine One. She holds an Honors Degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Simon Fraser University, including a Masters in Health Administration from the University of British Columbia.

Investment Committee

Asghar Khan, Investment Committee

Asghar Khan is a member of the Investment Committee at Billy Goat Brands. Mr. Khan has extensive experience working with public and private enterprises to create shareholder value and long-term growth. Previously, Mr. Kahn served as Regional Head of Strategy and Business Development for PepsiCo, where he drove a multi-billion dollar portfolio in 14 countries across the Asia Pacific region, with a primary focus on developing corporate strategy and M&A. Prior thereto, Mr. Khan held senior Finance and Planning positions at Rogers Communications and PwC.

Mr. Kahn has also served on the boards of various corporations in Asia and is a member of CIMA Australia. In addition, Mr. Khan holds a Bachelor’s degree from Albright College, an MBA from Lerner School of Business, University of Delaware and a Master’s degree in Finance from The Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

Todd Buchanan, Chairman, Investment Committee

Todd Buchanan is Chairman of the Investment Committee. Mr. Buchanan has over 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500, public and private companies on the creation and implementation of business process management methods and technology. Mr. Buchanan is a proven consensus builder and negotiator, who is focused on assisting founders operate their early-stage companies from start-up through proof-of-concept and hyper growth. Having worked with numerous companies, Todd has developed a diverse range of experience by holding senior executive positions at organizations including but not limited to International Forest Products; SiCam Systems and its clients; Nexii Building Solutions; Luvo Inc.; LYFE Kitchen; as well as Equifaira Partners and its clients.

Mr. Buchanan currently serves on the Board, as an officer and in advisory roles with a number of companies, a mutual fund trust, and a not-for-profit organization.

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