The Rise of Mushroom Infused Cold Brew Coffee

January 25, 2022

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Mushroom infused coffee is rising in popularity as an alternative to traditional coffee products. The use of mushroom extracts is believed by many cultures to have medicinal properties, especially in Chinese medicine where mushrooms are used to help balance gut health and immunity. Some commonly used medicinal mushroom extracts are:
Chaga Mushrooms


Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane

Reishi Mushrooms


Turkey’s Tail Mushrooms

Turkey’s Tail

Cordyceps Mushrooms


Today, coffee lovers are seeking a healthier alternative to boost their productivity throughout the day but without the crash-and-burn feeling that coffee is known for. Mushroom infused coffee is providing that alternative coffee ritual. Not only are mushrooms used in a hot cup of coffee, mushroom infused cold brew coffee has started to increase in popularity. Cold brew coffee brands like “KOLD” from FunGuys Beverages (“FunGuys”), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Billy Goat Brands (CSE:GOAT) (“GOAT”), is a leader in innovative functional beverages. The KOLD line of products is an enhanced mushroom infused cold brew coffee that is crafted using 100% high altitude Arabic beans from Colombia. The cold brew coffee is infused with organic Chaga and Lion’s Mane mushrooms, which boast various health benefits including the support of immunity and brain function. Each serving of KOLD coffee contains 160mg of these fungi, thereby turning a daily beverage habit into a healthier ritual.

KOLD Mushroom Infused Cold Brew Coffee

8 Health Benefits if Mushroom Infused Cold Brew Coffee

The use of mushrooms in coffees and teas has been on the rise with the health-conscious and focused Millennial generation. Infusing Lion’s Mane mushrooms into caffeinated beverages provides the added benefit of leaving coffee drinkers feeling less agitated . A new NPD Group study found that medicinal mushrooms are among the top emerging foods that 1 in 4 adults are including in their diet to help manage their wellness i. As such, adding mushrooms to coffee or tea beverages can provide eight key health benefits ranging from:


Immune system support
  1. Immune system support. Mushrooms have many beneficial compounds including vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, polysaccharides, and carotenoids, which produce antioxidant properties that can help to support your immune system.
Less caffeine
  1. Less caffeine. Consuming less caffeine can help with disrupted sleep cycles.
Less stress
  1. Less stress. The stress hormone cortisol can be triggered by caffeine. Mushroom infused coffee can rebalance the amount of cortisol in your body, which offsets the negative affects of caffeine.
Eases inflammation
  1. Eases inflammation. The compounds in mushroom are known to have anti-inflammatory agents, which have been used in many ancient medicines to maintain gut health.
Cancer prevention
  1. Cancer prevention. Some types of Lion’s Mane and Chaga mushrooms are used to help cancer patients recover from treatment and ease nausea.
  1. Antiulcer. Chaga mushrooms can prevent stomach ulcers, by blocking bacterial cell communication.
  1. Anti-allergenic. Chaga mushrooms are also known to help with food allergies.
Prevents Heart Disease
  1. Prevents heart disease. Many medicinal mushrooms like Reishi have been known to reduce high blood pressure and the risk of heart disease.

Companies are looking to incorporate the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms into consumers’ daily coffee rituals. FunGuys is one of the leaders with an innovative mushroom infused cold brew coffee. The business is expected to launch its line of KOLD beverages to the market via a new e-commerce store and finalized designs for its bottles in early 2022.

For more information on FunGuys plans with the launch of its KOLD line of beverage please visit:

[i] USA Today. (2019, August 30). Mushroom coffee: Is there magic to drinking chaga, reishi and lion’s mane?. USA Today.


Are there benefits from making cold brew coffee with mushrooms?

Yes, the addition of mushrooms added into cold brew coffee has a number of benefits. The use of Lion’s Mane and Chaga mushrooms support a balanced mind and body to offset the negative effects of caffeinated coffees and teas. Used in many ancient cultures to support immunity and brain function, the use of mushrooms also helps with productivity and creativity when combining both coffee and mushrooms.

Why use Lion’s Mane mushrooms in coffee?

Lion’s Mane is known for improving cognitive function when taken regularly. Coffee infused with Lion’s Mane has benefits that can include improved focus, concentration and brain health.

Does adding mushrooms change the taste of coffee?

With the acidity coming from the coffee bean, mushrooms help to balance that and make coffee taste more smooth and easy to drink. Lion’s Mane in particular is known to be a medicinal mushroom, which is more earthy tasting and therefore can blend into the taste of coffees and teas.

Does mushroom infused coffee have brain altering effects?

Mushroom infused coffee does not alter your mental state. Mushrooms can counter coffee’s adverse affects that lead to the ‘crash and burn’ feeling of caffeine that results in dehydration, headaches and dependency. Chaga and Lion’s Mane mushrooms can support brain health and cut the edge of a typical cup of coffee. KOLD’s line of mushroom infused beverages use Chaga and Lion’s Mane to infuse its cold brewed products. KOLD aims to support the health and wellness of those looking for an better caffeinated daily beverage.

What is cold brew coffee?

Not to be confused with iced coffee, which is hot coffee served cold, cold brew coffee is a specific type of cold coffee. Cold brew coffee is a concentrate brewed in cold water over time. Typically, hot water is used to extract coffees oils and sugars in a quick fashion. However, with cold brew coffee it uses more time to extract coffee’s oils and sugar, which creates a less bitter tasting beverage.

How is cold brew coffee made?

Cold brew coffee is made by steeping coffee beans in cold or room-temperature water for six to 12 hours. This creates a coffee concentrate that you can then mix with cold water or milk.

How much caffeine is in cold brew coffee?

It depends. Cold brew coffee made with a higher ratio of coffee to water is stronger than if made with a more conventional coffee-to-water ratio. Cold brew coffee tends to have less caffeine than hot coffee as other ingredients are added in such as ice and water.

How many calories in cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee, much like regular coffee, has zero calories per serving. Caffeine has been known as a natural appetite suppressor, improving your metabolism, and aiding in weight loss.

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